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VRF Air Conditioning System

The VRF(Variable Refrigerant Flow) system is the latest and most glamorous entrant into the packaged air conditioner market. This technology originated in Japan and is now picking up in China and Korea. At present there are more than 20 manufacturers of VRF type products in the world.

In general, VRFs consist of a number of indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. They allow refrigerant flow from the outdoor unit to be varied. The technology used is either an inverter-driven compressor for speed control or a digital scroll compressor. A VRF system is provided with only one distribution port on the outdoor unit. Each indoor unit is provided with an electronic expansion valve, which continually adjusts the flow of refrigerant to respond to the load requirements in individual areas. Thus the temperature inside is maintained at virtually constant levels as against the variation caused due to on / off cycles of conventional packaged ACs. For larger capacities, multiple outdoor units can be used.

Being modular, outdoor units are so compact that they can be carried through commercial freight elevators. Another advantage is that it can accommodate relatively larger lengths of refrigerant piping. VRF is easy to install, run and maintain as compared to conventional Chilled Water Air-conditioning plant.

With Digital Scroll: The Digital Scroll compressor modulates the refrigerant flow to meet varying cooling loads and deliver enormous saving on electricity bills. This high technology compressor coupled with advance controllers makes it a very effective refrigeration system.

VRF system gives versatility in the selection of indoor units which makes them popular among architects and interior decorators.


  • Corporate offices
  • Hotels and services apartments
  • Commercial complexes and showrooms
  • Health care