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Welcome to Raj Aircon



Raj Aircon Pvt. Ltd. is renowned Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Company located in Mumbai. A dedicated team of experienced engineers provides a complete HVAC solution to cater the needs of various electro-mechanical works to match the latest requirement of Building service industry.

Comfort is the key essence in the accomplishment of our finished work, irrespective of the application: Residential, Commercial or Industrial.


Our vision is to become the best HVAC, MEP and Green Building system provider in India. We are committed to service our community with excellence as a team to our highest potential, personally and professionally for the greatest integrity and concern of all.


We are dedicated to be a Company well known in our community for its exceptional service, integrity and the understanding of our customer’s needs.


Superior Service: We place customers at the centre of our activities and our quest to satisfy their needs drives

Teamwork: Our biggest and most important resource is our people and we put together the diversity of our skills to achieve success.

Innovation: We continuously seek new ways to add value to our stakeholders business, be they customers, employees or suppliers. We believe in win-win relationships.

Professionalism: We live by a results oriented culture. Ethic, fairness and honesty are the hallmark of our business relationships.

Excellence: We are determined to keep walking the road of ISO 9001 quality standards to continuously improve our customer service and product offering.