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Project Feasibility Report

This document represents the final project report for the Self-Correcting Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Controls focused on exploratory initial development of self-correcting controls for selected HVAC components in air handlers. The report, along with the companion report documenting the algorithms developed,  Self-Correcting HVAC Controls:Algorithms for Sensors and Dampers in Air-Handling Units and Entire Process of Compelte HVAC Solutions.

A feasibility study is an evaluation of a proposal designed to determine the difficulty in carrying out a designated task. Working with you and your team we begin by performing a strategic assessment of your facility. By evaluating feasibility reports we can provide following benefits.

  • Increased productivity of your building asset.
  • Reduced risk of operational failure of your system and equipment.
  • Total budget control and better return on investment.
  • Site Selection Guide and auditing
  • Conceptual Drawing as per GMP
  • Architectural & Structural Plans